OFF — Even when your Monitronics Security system is switched off, some functions of the system are still active. Your Slomins home security system will still alert you if one of the windows or doors covered with a sensor is opened. Moni Security ensures that life and environmental safety systems (i.e. water or low temperature) […]

If you have the sign of the Sloman Shield in your home, your Slomins Security System can be armed to protect your home in almost any situation. Whether you are home or away, you can tailor your Slomins Alarm system to whatever your needs may be.

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There are multiple arming modes included in the AT&T Home Security Systems. Each mode enables one to customize the level of security to the owner’s needs. The AT&T Digital Life system is flexible enough to provide just the right level of security. For more information visit: The Spectrum Home Security System can be armed in a variety of different ways. Whether you are home, away or asleep, the system can provide the right level of protection.